Processing Plant Design

Seafood Processing Plant Design & Operations

AquaSol is your go-to partner for the design and installation of a world-class fish or shrimp processing plant. 

As part of our comprehensive service to vertically integrated aquaculture operations, we are capable of planning, designing, and constructing state-of-the-art seafood processing plants that will qualify for full certification to the latest international standards.

We specialize in clean seafood processing plants that rely on a highly functional design and an uncompromised reliance on maintaining the cold chain to produce wholesome farm-raised products and the sustainable conversion of fish waste by-products into fishmeal, fish oil, biodiesel, and other usable products.  

Sources of water will be fully tested prior to any design or construction and the processing plant design and processes put in place will guarantee a potable sanitary source of water for all seafood processing plant operations.

Some of the possible rooms and stations may include a fish depuration station, worker sanitation stations, ice making rooms, receipt of raw materials, weigh stations, sorting stations, washing, scaling, heading, gutting, filleting, skinning, cleaning, inspections stations, packaging rooms, freezing rooms, cold storage rooms, product loading stations, operational management rooms, workers change rooms, and more.  

Since we are not manufacturers of seafood processing equipment and hold no commitments to any particular manufacturer, we are free to design tailor-made solutions and select the best individual pieces of seafood processing equipment for a particular aquaculture project. Decisions regarding the level of mechanization will be on a project by project basis with strong consideration given to the cost of labor and the specific requirements of the targeted seafood market.

All shrimp of fish processing plants we design and construct will be in full compliance with United States and European Union standards and all clients that hire AquaSol to design their fish or shrimp processing plants can rest easy with the knowledge that their seafood processing plant will be designed to operate and pass the inspection of potential major seafood buyers and official seafood plant inspectors from any country.

Detailed seafood plant operating manuals can be prepared and training of seafood processing plant staff in the ISO and HACCP approved methods is available to interested clients. We are obsessed with delivering a safe, high quality farm raised product every time.  

Time is of the essence for any seafood processing plant and we will ensure just in time harvests and just in time processing and delivery of the farm-raised product. Some assurances with regard to timing are provided with an incentive-based bonus plan that’s offered to all employees; generating motivation to exceed certain production and seafood quality objectives assigned by the plant management team. Logistical connections between the processing plant and the market are just as critical and we have a plan for that too.