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El Chao, C.A.




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Tom Frese, Israel Snir
1996 - 2000


AquaSol delivered aquaculture project development and aquaculture project management services to a greenfield tilapia farming project in Venezuela.  Over a four year period, AquaSol managed this project through all phases of development. Some of the areas where expertise was provided included aquaculture site analysis, feasibility analyses, tilapia market analyses, development of the fish farming system design, materials and aquaculture equipment sourcing, fish farm construction, development of the aquaculture production manual, financial analyses for aquaculture operations, training, contract fish farm management, water quality management, fish hatchery management, fish disease diagnosis, fish processing plant design and development, and long-term strategic planning for a commercial aquaculture operation.

Case Study

A good example of a commercial tilapia farm that was sucessfully designed, built, and managed by AquaSol.

Tom Frese exhibits a highly professional management style and is very good working in teams. I highly recommend AquaSol for any aquaculture project.
Jesús Rincón - El Chao, C.A. - Maracaibo, Venezuela