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Tom Frese
2000 - 2002


AquaSol advised several Venezuelan clients seeking to establish commercial shrimp farming operations in Venezuela.  Site search, site analysis, and preliminary feasibility studies were prepared and delivered to the clients. 

In one case, a valuation of a dormant shrimp farming operation was prepared and an expert opinion regarding the investment opportunity was delivered.

In another case, AquaSol was contracted to perform a site analysis on approximately 2,000 hectares of available coastal land located in the in the State of Falcón.  The primary objective of our analysis was to determine if a large tract of coastal land was suitable for shrimp farming.

In yet another case, plans were drawn for a novel recirculating intensive shrimp farming system designed to utilize biofloc and high rates of aeration in an outdoor setting.  Pro-forma financials comparing traditional semi-intensive to super-intensive systems were delivered to this client.