Site Search, Site Analysis & Feasibility Study for a Proposed Aquaculture Project in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is blessed with an abundance of coastal land. The area between the Musandam Peninsula in Northern Oman to the Dhofar Coast in Southern Oman represents 3,167 km of coastline. From a purely geographic perspective, this offers huge opportunities for potential sites for commercial aquaculture development.


Sultanate of Oman


Aquaculture Site Search & Site Analysis, Water & Soil Quality Analyses, Feasibility Studies, Financial Feasibility Analysis for Aquaculture, Aquaculture Project Management Services, Seafood Markets Research & Development, National Aquaculture Development Plans


Tom Frese
2010 - 2012

Phase I

AquaSol, Inc. was retained by a young entrepreneur from Bahrain to perform a site search, site analysis, and feasibility study for a proposed commercial aquaculture project in Oman. A two week mission to Oman was completed and high potential sites for fish farming were identified. An aquaculture feasibility study for a land-based marine fish farming project was prepared and a proposal to develop the project was prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Fisheries Wealth in November 2011.

Phase II

Total area of the site being requested is approximately 1,800 hectares. A portion of the site has already been approved for aquaculture development by the Ministry of Fisheries Wealth, Ministry of Tourism, and the Ministry of Housing. The proposed aquaculture project will enter the development phase once an official agreement is in place with the government of the Sultanate of Oman. Estimated cost to develop the proposed fish farming project is OMR 3.3 million (USD 8.6 million).