Preliminary Financial Feasibility of a Proposed Hybrid Striped Bass Fish Farm in Florida

A review of a non-operational fish farm asset formerly known as Wright Fish Farm.


Indiantown, Florida, United States


Aquaculture Site Search & Site Analysis, Financial Feasibility Analysis for Aquaculture, Valuation of Aquaculture Operations


Tom Frese
2010 - 2010


AquaSol, Inc. advised a South Florida development company that was interested in developing an aquaculture project in Florida. A site review, detailed recirculating aquaculture system design, fish production protocols, and pro-forma financials for a commercial freshwater fish farm were delivered to the client.

The ideal species for the project is Hybrid Striped Bass.

A two-stage intensive recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) was recommended for this project. The technically advanced RAS system will utilize high rates of aeration, water treatment, and water circulation to achieve a estimated annual production of approximately 1 million pounds per year.

Estimated project cost is USD 12 million.

Investment Opportunity

While the non-operational assets of the old fish farm held little value, this region is characterized by an abundance of artesian flow freshwater from the surficial aquifer and relatively low cost land. It is perceived as an excellent area to develop an intensive Hybrid Striped Bass fish farming operation utilizing aquaculture engineering designs and operational plans similar to those drawn up for this project.