Design and Development of a Novel Offshore Aquaculture Cage System

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Gulf of Mexico, United States


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AquaSol Inc., Marine Innovation & Technology
2009 - 2012


AquaSol is working on a joint-venture project with a US-based marine engineering firm on the design, development, and deployment of a novel submersible open ocean aquaculture system. The cage is being designed to accommodate the largest fish rearing volume of any submersible fish rearing system that’s currently available. The net pen is in the design and aquaculture engineering phase and will be patented prior to the unveiling and deployment of the prototype.


AquaSol, Inc. and Marine Innovation & Technology have recently entered a Memorandum of Understanding and have agreed to form a new company as a vehicle to further the development of this exciting new offshore aquaculture cage design. The new company will be targeting United States grant funding to aid in the construction of the first prototype in 2013. The Gulf of Mexico is the targeted site for the first deployment of a planned 15,000 cubic meter prototype.

This is a landmark development for AquaSol, Inc. For the first time, AquaSol will be venturing offshore and into offshore cage culture design. Offshore aquaculture is the future and AquaSol intends to be at the forefront of this fish farming revolution.
Tom Frese - President/CEO - AquaSol, Inc.