Sustainable Aquaculture Investment

Client (Confidential)




Valuation of Aquaculture Operations, Aquaculture Investment Advisory Services, Aquaculture Due Diligence Work


Tom Frese
2007 - 2008


AquaSol advised an European wealth management group interested in developing an alternative asset fund focused exclusively on publicly-traded aquaculture companies.  At the time of engagement, the client had approximately US$ 1.5 billion in assets under management.  AquaSol provided aquaculture industry expertise, formulated aquaculture investment screening criteria, and performed preliminary aquaculture due diligence work on a universe of approximately sixty publicly-traded aquaculture companies.


The investment case for investing in aquaculture is still intact.  Some of the old fish farming companies are gone or have been acquired, while others are still going strong.  Operating conditions can change rapidly depending on conditions on the ground, with disease epizootics and natural disasters having potential to strongly impact earnings.  Managing a portfolio of aquaculture companies requires industry insight and strong investment management skills to properly asess and manage these risks.