Mission d’Expertise-Conseil sur la Filière Crevetticole Calédonienne

Etablissement de Régulation des Prix Agricoles (ERPA)


New Caledonia


Water & Soil Quality Analyses, Aquaculture Business Plan Development, Aquaculture Project Management Services, Aquaculture Engineering Services, Technical Training & Teaching, Aquaculture Technology Transfer, Financial Analysis of Existing Aquaculture Operations, Aquaculture Production Efficiency Improvement, Fish & Shrimp Feed Formulation, Aquaculture Genetics Programs, Fish & Shrimp Disease Diagnosis, Aquaculture Company Audits, National Aquaculture Development Plans, Aquaculture Due Diligence Work


Claude Boyd, Tom Frese, David Griffith, Albert Tacon
2011 - 2012

Phase I

This was a multi-year project to reorganize and drive greater efficiencies into the shrimp farming industry in New Caledonia.  To achieve this goal, AquaSol enlisted a world class team of shrimp farming experts to perform an industry-wide audit of the New Caledonia shrimp farming industry.  The audit investigated all hatcheries, farms, and feed manufacturers in New Caledonia.  The audit identified critical problems areas responsible for high production costs and overall lack of competiveness in the New Caledonia shrimp farming sector.  The national aquaculture audit ultimately led to recommendations geared to optimize overall performance and profitability of the sector.

Phase II

In 2012, the project entered the industry reorganization phase and improvements valued in excess of US$ 25 million were implemented.

Several advisors from the AquaSol team came to New Caledonia to work on this project. A very knowledgeable and professional team was headed by Tom Frese, who coordinated the whole operation to our full satisfaction.
Dag NAESS - Managing Director - SOPAC SA