Shrimp Farming Expert Witness

Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.


Miami, Florida, United States


Aquaculture Project Management Services, Aquaculture Due Diligence Work, Aquaculture Expert Witness


Tom Frese
2009 - 2010


Tom Frese was retained by Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. as an expert witness in two lawsuits filed in Broward County, Florida by two shrimp farming operations in Ecuador.  Mr. Frese's job was to evaluate, based on shrimp farm records, the allegation that the farms had incurred substantial shrimp die-offs and economic losses caused by a fungicide used on banana farms near the shrimp ponds.


These events were alleged to have occurred in the early 1990s.  Mr. Frese utilized his expertise in shrimp farming to analyze farm records, shrimp production history and historic reports of severe shrimp disease outbreaks in the same area to render opinions about the actual cause and extent of loss.  The two cases were Aquamar v. DuPont and DIBSA v. DuPont.

Tom’s extensive knowledge of shrimp farming and shrimp farming procedures was critical in defending these two cases. He participated in discovery and helped lead efforts to organize and analyze an extensive document production review effort. Many of the documents we received were hand written and many were in Spanish and each needed to be reviewed separately. Tom’s expertise was essential.  Further, Tom’s attention to detail in reviewing a vast group of documents was outstanding and resulted in uncovering previously undiscovered, important information.  I can recommend Tom without hesitation. 
Thomas M. Sherouse - Partner - Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P.