Oceanic Farms

An Investment Opportunity in Offshore Aquaculture


The Bahamas


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AquaSol, Inc.
2008 - 2018


Oceanic Farms represents a unique opportunity for well qualified investors to invest in the Blue Revolution.
Oceanic Farms intends to culture Cobia in deepwater submersible cages in an area of The Bahamas that is ideal for this type of operation.  Suitable sites in The Bahamas are limited and this particular site was eventually identified after hundreds of hours of searching areas that had potential, but ultimately proved unsuitable.  Once a qualified investor is on-board, we are prepared to immediately request a seabed lease from the Bahamian government for this unique and high potential site. 
Cobia will be farm-raised in submersible cages in offshore waters of The Bahamas.  These submersible cages are geodesic in shape and are both shark-proof and hurricane-proof.  These fish cages hold a water volume of more than 460,000 cubic feet and each cage can hold up to 275,000 pounds of fish valued at just over USD 1 million.  During the first year of fish farming operations, Oceanic Farms plans to deploy two of these larger fish cages and several smaller nursery cages that will support the final growout cages. 
The model commercial offshore aquaculture operation will be purpose-built using the latest technology and is highly scalable.  The strategic plan calls for the company to ultimately be developed in a way that takes full advantage of the strong economies of scale that exist in the aquaculture industry.  Near term, vertical integration plans include the construction of a cobia hatchery, a full scale fish processing plant, and additional cage deployments. 
Oceanic Farms firmly believes this project has very real advantages over the competition.  The project location in The Bahamas offers close proximity to the United States market that few countries can match.  In addition, Oceanic Farms has already established cost-effective connections from Nassau to the UK market for farm-raised Cobia, and fully intends to exploit this compelling opportunity that is not available to Latin American operations.  Interest has already been received by major seafood buyers both here in the United States and the European Union. 
Offshore aquaculture is the final frontier of fish farming and the prospects for significant development are very bright.  While not without risks, early financial projections for Oceanic Farms show excellent year over year projected rates of return on investment in aquaculture.  Oceanic Farms represents a ground floor opportunity for a well qualified investor to stake a claim at the forefront of the Blue Revolution.