Aquaculture Diversification Project

Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo)




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Claude Boyd, Kevin Clark, Tom Frese, Andres L. Guerrero, Eduardo Olivares Layseca, Josh Modglin, Albert Tacon, Clive Talbot
2016 - 2018


AquaSol, Inc. is the lead consultant and project manager for a new tilapia farming project in Guyana that has a high level of visibility and of strategic national importance.  Ultimately, our client is the government of Guyana.

The public enterprise Guyana Sugar Corporation, Inc. (“GuySuCo”) is the largest sugarcane farming and sugar producer in Guyana.  In response to years of under performance, GuySuCo developed a strategic diversification plan that involves a shift away from sugarcane farming into potentially more attractive industries, like aquaculture.

In May 2016, GuySuCo retained AquaSol to prepare an independent professional opinion on the feasibility of utilizing some of GuySuCo’s land and other assets for commercial aquaculture development.  AquaSol prepared a Preliminary Feasibility Study for the Development of Aquaculture at Guyana Sugar Corporation; which was the result of more than one year of research, investigation, development, and analysis of the potential opportunity by AquaSol.

This is a US$45 million project.