Our Approach

We’ve taken a fresh, client-focused approach to the art and science of developing fish farming projects.  We are committed to our clients and to utilizing our seasoned team of experts to deliver industry-leading examples of the state-of-the-art in aquaculture project development.

So, what should you expect when you hire us?

What follows is a brief summary of the life of a fish farming project here at AquaSol.

  1. Enquiry
    It all starts when we get that first call or email from you.  Feel free to us our new contact form and questionnaire to guide you along in the questions that require answers in the early stages, or you can just give us a call.
  2. Initial Proposal
    With some basic questions answered in serious enquiries, we can build a proposal for our services.  This will be a custom proposal based on the specific early requirements of your project.  A scope of work is proposed and an estimate of cost is provided.
  3. Retaining Us
    All work we perform is under contract and retainer.  By retaining us, you can be assured that your project with receive our complete attention and the entire resources and expertise of our team will be available to your project.
  4. Client/Consultant Meetings
    We always like to kick-off our consulting work with a face-to-face meeting with our client in the country where the project is proposed.  This allows the client to share his/her ideas about the project in more detail while we offer our experienced view on what we like about the project, what may work, and what is unlikely to be successful.
  5. Site Search & Site Analysis
    With the project goals clearly in mind, we then proceed with the technical task of identifying the most suitable site(s) for aquaculture in the target country.  Our experience in aquaculture site search allows us to narrow the range and scope of the search process to sites having the greatest potential.
    High potential areas will be visited on-site and a detailed aquaculture site analysis will be undertaken.
  6. Determining Feasibility
    Every project we develop must first pass our feasibility screening process – a system of screening projects that’s based on years of experience and the knowledge of what’s required to be successful in the fish farming business.
  7. Project Development
    For feasible projects, our team will continue to deliver key technical support and leadership to ensure the project is developed in the right way using the latest project management methodologies.
    While no commercial aquaculture project is too big for us, we do have a minimum project size requirement of USD 1 million, which we feel is the absolute minimum required investment required for commercial aquaculture development.
  8. Design, Engineering, and Construction
    The ideal design will be developed for the selected site and species utilizing innovative practices to ensure each and every project has a design that’s just right for the job. Every project we develop is a custom job. All designs will seek to maximize the natural features of the site in a sustainable way, with particular focus on engineering highly efficiency operations.
    All designs are developed by certified civil and aquaculture engineers working in close collaboration with the entire project team.
    Construction is frequently handled by local crews, while our team maintains a physical presence and oversees the entire process leaving no stone unturned.
  9. Training & Turn Key Operations
    Before we flip that switch, we make sure that the farm will be run according to our operational plan.  This may require 6-12 months of intensive training, or in cases where our client prefers we manage the project long term, we can do that too. Whatever it takes, we are in it for the long haul.
  10. Long Term Technical Support
    This is a long term partnership and we will do everything in our power to make sure projects we develop are successful.  Periodic technical visits can be an excellent way to make sure the farm is operating according to plan and also provides an opportunity to introduce new technologies and develop internal programs to improve the overall operation.

Let’s get started!



I highly recommend AquaSol, Inc. for any aquaculture project.
Jesús Rincón - El Chao, C.A. - Maracaibo, Venezuela