Investigation of the Potential to Develop an Important Tilapia Farming Industry in Vietnam

Significant potential to convert to existing Pangasius farming infrastructure to sustainable Tilapia farming.


An Giang Province, Vietnam


Feasibility Studies, Financial Feasibility Analysis for Aquaculture, Seafood Markets Research & Development, Aquaculture Technology Transfer, Aquaculture Company Audits


Tom Frese
2002 - 2003


AquaSol, Inc. advised a Vietnamese client on all phases of development of a vertically integrated Tilapia farming industry in Vietnam. Areas of advisement included commercial Tilapia hatchery production, Tilapia fry production, Tilapia fingerling production, cage culture growout, fish feed formulation, fish processing plant safety, sanitation, HACCP protocols, United States seafood market analysis, and development of a United States seafood marketing office.


The client elected to reinvest in their existing seafood processing company and continued sourcing seafood exclusively from Vietnamese capture fisheries. Eventually they developed what is reportedly the largest recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) for Barramundi in Vietnam.